Services Provided

PrettyPlease understands that every mother has different needs at different stages in her postpartum recovery process. Our goals are to help you recover and meet these needs. For us, this requires meeting your needs individually and holistically. The services listed below; while most popular, are not limited. We welcome the opportunity to discuss additional ways we can assist you.


(not exclusively):

  • Scheduling follow-up Dr. appointments for mom and baby
  • Assistance traveling to appointments and on errands
  • Implement house-hold “stations” and scheduling options
  • Provide sleep/shower/private time
  • Minor chores
  • Thank you notes/announcements
  • Organizing (nursery, maternity and baby clothing, etc.)
  • Arranging deliveries and services
  • Pet care
  • Errands
  • Meals
  • Tideying up
  • Research needed (day care options, insurance, etc.)
  • Help recording Baby’s “firsts”
  • Baby laundry



In some instances, sometimes it may make more sense for help come to YOU. It is YOUR turn, so help yourself! Take advantage of the in-home Charlotte services that are available and offered. Below, we have listed the most popular services requested. We will be happy to assist and book an appointment if you decide one of the services listed below would be an option you wish to consider. (Location-based services considered).

  • FOOD
    • Grocery delivery
    • Restaurant delivery
    • Food preparation delivery
    • PrettyPlease add-ons
    • Yoga
    • Manicure
    • Hair dresser
    • Massage therapist
    • Licensed counselor
    • Lactation specialist
    • Dog grooming
    • Pharmacy delivery
    • Laundry and dry cleaning pickup &/or drop-off
    • Home cleaning services
    • Photographer
    • Babysitters