Thank you for choosing PrettyPlease! We, as mothers like you, recognize that a little help can go a long way! It is our mission to help mothers transition into “mommy-hood” as smoothly and effortlessly as possible. With the number of new mothers returning back to work higher than ever before, we want to empower these new moms with confidence and ensure they are prepared prior to this transition.  We not only have a combined residency of over 45 years but, we too, are working mothers ourselves.

We are here for YOU, your friend, or your daughter that has just had a baby. It is our desire to help the new mom…however that may present itself. Do you need sleep? We will see that you get your sleep. Do you need counseling? We will see that the right counselor comes to you. Do you want to exercise or help returning to your pre-pregnancy body? We will arrange for the appropriate trainer/therapist to visit you. There is nothing we can’t help you with (except, talking your boss into an approved lengthened pregnancy leave..Ha!). Manicure? ….no problem. We know the best and most experienced professionals that are offering to come to you and may assist you in your home. We’ve already done your homework. Now, we, can be your answer, if you PrettyPlease.

Amy & Becky, Co-founders


Amy Donaghy

Amy Donaghy is a native to North Carolina and has called Charlotte her home for the past thirteen years. After her ten-year career as a lead dental assistant at Merlo and Fahrney Dentisty, Amy chose to stay at home with her son who was born in August of 2015. Amy decided to collaborate with a friend to form the postpartum recovery assistance company PrettyPlease after discovering how a little help was much needed. When Amy isn’t busy with her ongoing projects (which she always has some type of craft that she is working on), she enjoys spending time with her husband, dog, friends and family.


Becky Priest

Becky Priest, a registered nurse for over 15 years, is currently a stay-at-home mother to two young children, Lucy and Max. During the childrens’ infancy years, and eager for additional involvement with her children, she became a preschool teacher the day Lucy became a preschool student. Now that her children are out of preschool and in 1st and 3rd grade, her focus is geared toward pursuing other personal interests: professionally and recreationally. Photography editing is a passion. She enjoys spending time outdoors and exploring all that Charlotte has to offer.

It was during Becky’s postpartum experience with Lucy, that she first realized finding the right type of help and enough help (aside from the offers of nearby family members and friends), was difficult, not only to find, but often, strenuous to request. The help she desired was so vast, it was difficult to know from where to begin or from whom to ask. It was the type of help that could only be successfully fulfilled by a “third party” source. Feeling overwhelmed,  she recalls wishing there had been someone who could, “….swoop in and help me everyday for a few hours.”

It is Becky and Amy’s goal that PrettyPlease may offer this “third party” option to postpartum moms with the hope that moms may look back and remember their postpartum weeks as a period of joy and growth.